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So we’ve decided that we are going to purchase our rings on Etsy. We compared Etsy to a normal jeweler and realized that we could get what we want at a better price on Etsy. Also after purchasing my ring second hand (not in the bad way, but in a green non-consumerism way) I felt that I needed to continue to support other ways to do business and not conform to what people think I need. I’ve always have loved Etsy, especially after being a seller with my Mom on there. It’s such a nice community and I want to support it.
So here is the link to the rings. And above is the picture.


As many people know, I work at Target, which is not exciting at all so I do a lot of observations of peoples behavior. I’m especially interested in couples. Couples are very interesting because of the way they interact with one another and the perception I create based on their interactions. I’ve also started watching/observing (not in a creepy way) the way couples I know personally interact. I’ve discovered that there are definitely different ways that couples interact and ways that they want to be perceived.

The first is the I-don’t-give-a-crap couple. This is the couple, whether they are old or young, that treat one another horribly. When talking to me or a total stranger they are super nice, but when they talk to their S.O. they turn into the Wicked Witch of the West. They treat their S.O. like crap and don’t realize or care that they are doing it. It is so disrespectful and awful to witness. I don’t understand how their S.O. can stand to be treated that way or why they think it’s okay. And I can understand being frustrated, but you can tell thats the way that the S.O. is always treated.
The Second is the we’re perfect, never argue, I love everything couple. While this couple may not seem as horrible as the above, it’s even more annoying. Fake people will always be annoying and horrible in their own way. They can’t handle having other people see their faults so they pretend that everything is wonderful all the time. And I want people to be real. Real people are refreshing and make others feel like it’s okay to show faults. The pressure of being a fake couple is astounding. To believe that you cannot show any faults is too much pressure for one person let alone a couple. And I don’t understand why people would want to look fake. If its to show off to other people in a ‘Look how well we’re making it’ way then that fails because people know perfection isn’t real life. There are going to be bumps in the road that acting perfect isn’t going to cover. And thats when relationships fall apart.
Then there is the we’re a couple but still individuals. This is the couple that N and I hope we are or will be. This is the couple that loves each other so much but are still comfortable being ourselves. And that is such a hard balance to maintain and needs to be constantly adjusted. We allow each other to maintain friendships with people we may not like ourselves. I realize that N needs to have his guy friends that I might think are gross but I’m not the absolute center of his life. I know I’m the most important thing but complete domination of his life is sick. He also realizes that I’m going to have my quirks and love of ugly things, and that is alright. We have arguments realizing that arguments can be good at clearing the air. I don’t win all the time, and neither does N. It’s a compromise. This couple don’t mind disagreeing while still being in love. They realize that compromise is the foundation of marriage. One part can’t be completely in control. Life is a discussion to them.
The more I think about it, about being a married couple, the more comfortable I get in our relationship. We have our own lives and interests that we choose to share with one another. I trust N to be the person he is and to have the friends he needs to have. And he respects me in that regard also. We aren’t crazy obsessive about one another. I believe we are on the road to being the ‘real in love couple.’ We respect each other as autonomous adults. I can’t wait for what the future holds.

Being Married.

I’ve been thinking a lot about being married. I could care less about the wedding, I really just want the end result. While walking down the aisle in a big princess dress is great, it’s not what I’ve been living for.

Since I was a child I’ve always wanted to have someone that I could count on being there every day, through the good and the bad. And I’ve wanted to like this person, because liking and loving have always been two different things. I’ve always have had to love people that I didn’t like, usually family members. My parents have always taught me to love people because they are human, that I have to try and get along with them because we share this common bond of being human, and family I have to love especially because of the bonds of love and blood that bind us. And this isn’t an easy thing to do. There are some people that I’m bond to through blood, and even look like them that I just want to kick and scream at. And I love them because of our bond. Without family our history disappears, our traditions disappear. So even though these people are hateful, petty, and spiteful I still am going to invite them to my wedding. And I’m going to be prepared for the drama that they bring.
My family has enough drama for a very large book, N’s family brings an even larger book of drama. And I’m trying to understand it all. His family has this insane ability to hold grudges against one another. And once you’re on the backlist you have no connection. And it is just mind boggling to me to believe that a family can function this way. He has several aunts and uncles that he has never seen! And they choose to be ostracized. I understand at times how great it is to be away from family, it just astounds me the history N’s family has of this. And while it pains me to see it happening today, maybe it’s for the best. I don’t know the circumstances surrounding N’s uncles, but I can’t really judge. If a person chooses to be hateful, judgmental, and a horrible person then we as a family can’t really stop it. And while we may have no contact with N’s uncles and other family members, they are still getting an invite so they know that they still have a family. We will as a family, always be open to them whenever they choose to reconnect and want to be part of the family again.
And I went off subject of what I thought I was going to write about, but I’ll save that for another day.

The Dress.

So I tried on my dress for my Grane this weekend. Still gorgeous and I once again how amazingly lucky I am to have that dress. But the train is hella long. Like amazingly long. So I’m excited and very pleasantly surprised. But I love that dress and the way that dress makes me feel.


So they are at

Getting Married Pictures


N and I have been engaged for well over 2 years now. Which is very awesome. But just this past weekend were we ready to get ‘engagement photos’. But I have issues calling them engagement photos. They really aren’t being taken because we are recently engaged (which we are not), but rather being taken as a tool to use for the reception and in the invites. So they are getting married pictures.

We also took several family photos because it seemed silly to get all dressed up and take all these pictures without at least trying to get some pictures of us and M. We only have a few of those, and they aren’t the greatest. M is two, we didn’t expect much.


However, many of the pictures of N and I turned out awesome! I didn’t know what to expect just having my dad take the pictures but I’m very very happy! We ended up with about 500 pictures with about 200 decent pictures. I’m in the process of editing and deciding which pictures I like. I have no idea what the norm is for good pictures from a engagement photo shoot. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. And this part makes me really happy that I chose to have my dad take the pictures because I can see ALL the photos and go through them editing them the way I choose and even editing the same picture in several different ways to see which edit I prefer.


However, the downside of having my dad doing the photos is that his camera isn’t the greatest, the lighting was poor on several photos that had a lot of potential and he doesn’t necessarily know some of the photo ‘tricks’ the pros have to get the best angles and to get the subject to look their best.


But still I owe my dad so much. I’m very happy.


I’m probably going to be posting several pictures on picasa, once I get that up and running. So you guys, whoever you are, can tell me which ones you prefer and why.


The Beginning

“I love her and that’s the beginning of everything.”


– F. Scott Fitzgerald